Updated: Feb 8, 2020


No more driving to a medical or wellness center and waiting in a room for an appointment!

Advanced technology is making healthcare more convenient, cost-effective, and increasing access to care. Digital information alongside the use of a computer or smartphone camera to connect to healthcare providers is becoming more predominant every day. Known as TeleHealth, this on-the-go option has created so many great benefits for patients to search for more flexibility without completely losing the human touch.

At Paragon we provide one-on-one weekly virtual coaching sessions for clients looking to lose weight or lead a healthier nutritional lifestyle. Virtual coaching allows clients to be at the comfort of their own home, reducing unnecessary travel to a medical or wellness office for an appointment.

However, studies have also proven that too much mobility may decrease accountability with various types of care, including the services surrounding nutrition and weight loss. At Paragon we are aware of the emotional aspects of losing weight and what it takes to build healthy habits. So we still provide an option that combines virtual expert coaching along with on-site provider care, known as a Hybrid Model.

Through the use of an online secure system, clients can track their progress, have on the go journaling, receive education, and instant message their coach for support. Studies show that clients that had expert coaching through a weekly web-based interaction and received feedback on daily journaling showed the greater success of weight loss over a 6-month period.*

Paragon understands that not the same plan works for everyone and that is why there is no size fits all program. Coaches provide free sessions discovering goals and what protocol best fits for those goals. This could include nutritional plans with even the option to incorporate protein foods and nutritional supplements. This is only determined on goal, current lifestyle, and even budget.

It is not about dieting, it is about changing habits and learning to make good choices, while still being you and enjoying life. This is the promise we make to our clients each day.

To learn more about how you can get started on your own path to wellness visit our website: GET STARTED HERE to schedule your first FREE session.

* Study Reference 1: j Med Internet res. 2018 Mar; 20(3):e92. Published Online 2018 mar. 13 pmcid: pmc5871741 | Expert coaching in weight loss: retrospective analysis | participants experience greater results when supported on-site and by experts virtually

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